Saturday, 26 September 2015


Whoooooo brand new stamps !!  These new stamps by Sheena are absolutely gorgeous, I have had sooo much fun playing with these, definitely an all year round bundle and so versatile.  I Love scenic scenes and the background stamps are superb for adding that extra touch to your card making especially if you like playing with all your different mediums.  I don't know about you but I have a block when it comes to mens' cards and never know what to put, to be honest, I dont have many mens stamps in my collection, but the plough and greenhouse in this collection is brilliant for such cards, combined with the brick wall, logs and leaves background they are simply FAB !    The country house is awesome and is a stamp for all seasons too and just as I finished make my little selection I realised a snowy scene would look so cosy....never mind, not started my Xmas cards yet ;)  Anyway, enough with talking, here are a few I have made, some using distress inks, some with aquatints.   Happy Days :) :) 

Distress inks, using logs background stamp, stamped and embossed. Used the gorgeous leaves background stamp for a few leaves poking down in the right top corner. 

Used a mixture of distress inks, and aqua noirs and again embossed the background ,used backgroun leaves stamps for a few leaves poking down in top left and corner. Added a touch of glitter for a little sparkle too. 

I really love this one, simple, used both background stamps with distress inks,  Birds are from a stencil. 

Loved doing this one, 8x8 card and die cut an aperture in the middle, used background stamp with leaves all round, coloured and glittered.  The house was stamped on the actual 8x8 card and coloured. Using a decoupage glue I stuck the aperture card over the front so the house showed through.    

On kraft card I stamped the logs, embossed in black and coloured using distress inks.  Stamped the plough on another piece of card and layered.  I love the words hee hee 

I had an mdf heart floating around so I white gesso all over front in sweeping mode, and distress inked the sides to make it look like wood.  I stamped the house and words on very thin copy paper.  I then cut out and placed on heart and stuck down and coated with Mod Podge which seals and protects.  Not bad for a quick little make and looks lovely. 

This card was made using distress inks, stamped and layered.  I have used some older stamps of Sheena's from the Age perfectly collection to give it a really old feel. 

This card was aquatints background and house and plough stamped and coloured in distress inks.  Birds again from a Sheena stencil.  

I felt really happy doing this one, hence the colour lol  I used a mixture of aquatints and distress inks. Drawing gum for the plough and stamped the gorgeous tress and clouds, coloured and a little glitter for sparkle.   

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Fairies giving a little blessing to a gorgeous baby boy.....sweet!   This is a card I made for my dear friend who has just had a baby boy, little Matthew, soooooo cute!  Well, it had to fairies of some kind, a mixture of inks was used and fairy dust.  Not done a baby card before but this was my little version.  Hope you like :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sheena Douglass - PAINT FUSION

How about paint fusion on an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life, yeah !   I picked up this little piece for about £12.00 from my local ECCO shop it was old and not wanted in dark varnished wood. I painted the whole thing with chalk paint (on one of Sheena's shows she explained how to make your own using plaster paris mixed with some water and added to some old white emulsion paint) and this is what I done.  When paint dried after a few coats I sanded down and stressed round the edges with some sand paper. Next used one of Sheena's paint fusion stamps to stamp out my design and then paint fusioned over the top .  Well, not bad for first go and I am very pleased with it hee hee. Never done furniture before this was a whole new thing for me but I can honestly say, much enjoyed and have a little buzzy bee in my head to do another !   I still need to finish a few leaves at the bottom and when I get a few mins I will finish it off.  Oh, waxed over the top, this seals and protects the whole thing and comes out super soft with a happy shine !  Have a go, you will love :) :)

Finished (sort of)  Just a few leaves round the tiny bud at the bottom and stems.

Sheena Douglass - Paint Fusion

Right, paint fusion, looks fantastic but no way can I do that - out of comfort zone , WRONG !!! Honestly,  I have seen so many beautiful designs from the girls it would have been rude not to have a go lol  If I mess up, its just paint and paper ;)   Well, Sheena designed the stamps to make it easy and that is exactly what it does, easy peasy !  Stamp your design, use the practice sheets to get use to the different strokes and then using the pebeo paint, choose the colour pallet you wish to use.  Its addictive !!!!  lol   The results from using simple brush strokes are stunning and what I am dying to do is combine this method with other stamps which I have laying about, you know, other flowers, leaves, swirls etc.....once you have mastered the technique it can be applied to most things and you could even use the technique without a stamp ;)   Just remember, you don't have to stick to the stamp design completely, its a guide.  Here are a few that I done, hope you like...and Oh, the sunflower was done with chalk paint, and that worked just great !   Happy Days :) xx